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Descendants of a 500 year old vampire, who now leads them, the DC are a top-secret special operations unit reporting directly to the U.S. President. The Dark Commandos are allowed to exist for exactly one purpose: to carry out the will of the American government.

They're called in when that will calls for something too dangerous, politically risky, or just too unsavory to be dealt with by conventional means. In other words, the DC are there for the jobs no one else can -- or can be allowed to -- handle.

It's not because they're such a noble bunch. Before they joined the ranks of the undead, every member of the team was at one time a mortal human being. That part of them still lurks inside, hungering for the lives they've left behind.

Each of the Commandos has their own personal reasons for being on the team, and these hidden motivations can prove more deadly than any mission they might be sent on.

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