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Ed Torin Psych Review Video File 1: Torin, Edward

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Ed GreeneChronologically, Ed is 48-years-old, but physically (and, some would say, emotionally), he's only 19. His father was a great friend of Non's, and when Ed was dying in a Vietnam POW camp, Non went in and saved him the only way he knew how -- by turning Ed into a vampire.

The Kid desperately tries to hold on to his youthfulness. He embraces whatever is trendy at the moment, but it's a kind of desperate clinging, rather than a real exuberance.

Feeling he was cheated out of his youth, first by Vietnam and then by Non's live-saving "curse", Ed has a soft spot for children, particularly the abused.

Ed's youthful idealism makes him a spirited fighter, but it also leaves his emotions raw and his impulse control lacking. At the same time, in many ways, Ed embraces what he is, and approaches vampirism as something of a super hero gig, serving as Robin to Non's Batman.

Ed worships Non, but Non's trust in him is tempered by Ed's relentless partying and unpredictable irresponsibility.

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