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Non Agememnon GageKnown simply as "Non", he is the leader of the Undead Brigade. Though he appears to be a man in his early thirties, he is actually over 500 years old. His story has never been told in full, but his file indicates that he was a Knight fighting during the Crusades when he was turned into a vampire. He served the vampire who had turned him for several years, until, sickened by the man's unrelenting brutality, he fled, and survived on the run for the next several centuries. An unexpected meeting with his progenitor -- whose ability to hold a grudge was unparalleled -- resulted in Non being forcefully buried in Austria in the mid 1800s, and left there -- presumably forever.

During World War II, forces of the Third Reich discovered Non's amazingly preserved body and brought him to Adolph Hitler's top secret "Theosophic Research" facility. There, Nazi scientists sampled Non's blood and endeavored to use it to create an undead army. Their experiments produced some hideous false starts, but Hitler's vision was still unrealized when Non was "rescued" by a team of American Commandos.

Non was brought to the United States, where a deal was offered to him. In exchange for the promise of an anti-vampire "cure" if one could be engineered from his DNA, Non would create and lead a team which would become known as the Dark Commandos...a supposedly more noble American incarnation of the Nazi plan to deploy vampire soldiers.

Despite what he is, Non remains a decent and spiritual man, who amazingly continues to practice his Catholic faith. On the one hand, Non would love nothing more than final death, but in the back of his mind is the fear that he would be denied entrance into the Holy Kingdom. The alternative is too frightening to contemplate.

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